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Heart shattering and hilarious, often at the same time, On the Rocks is a bravura performance in miniature—a beautifully written, effervescently compassionate window into the inextricably bound histories, heads, and hearts of Eva and Leonora Marino.

                        —Kate Racculia

In Eva Marino, Theodora Bishop has created a hero of a daughter and a narrator. With the rapid-fire delivery of a stand-up comedian, this is a book of perfect timing – astute and laugh-out-loud funny for its social observations and hysterical range of contemporary cultural references. The comedy runs the gamut, steeped in farce, satire, prat-falls and puns worthy of the alcohol-sodden title, not to mention the mother-daughter duo’s hometown of ‘Ship Bottom.’ Throughout, the eccentric cast of characters that come and go aren’t just sources for laughter, but loveable in their vulnerability. Bishop’s first book is as full of heart as humor – a stunningly original new vision and comic voice.

                         —Anthony Caleshu

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